$ 35.00

Comes with the tip, toothbrush, and batteries.

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The most complete way to quickly begin taking advantage of this great gadget’s magic. The Celebrator is a fun gadget, a little bit naughty, inexpensive, and very effective! The Celebrator is a unique vibrator that is used externally in the key feminine pleasure zones found around the clitoris. Women who have used the Celebrator say it’s the fastest, most intense orgasm they have ever had. The Celebrator is an extension for a battery-operated toothbrush. Remove the brush head and replace it with the Celebrator and there it is: Your Toothbrush Makeover! The Celebrator is a must have even if you own other vibrators. Battery-operated toothbrushes provide unique oscillation along with rhythmic speeds. Making the orgasm you will experience quick and intense.


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